[WB-723] WEMLB Spy camera USB Phone charger by WEMLB -1080p HD hidden camera, WIFI Wireless wall plug USB Charger [Motion Detection, AC Adapter, Remote App Control] Nanny camera |Home, Kids, Baby, Pet monitoring cam

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  • ✅RELAX. STOP WORRYING. THIS SMART LITTLE EYE KEEPS YOU UPDATED – Have I hired the right nanny? Has my cat destroyed the new carpet? STOP! Plan this mini spy camera anywhere (home, office, hotel room). When in doubt, check recordings. The most discrete way to keep your belongings and your loved ones safe. A perfect baby/pet monitor or nanny cam.
  • ✅WEMLB [WE MAKE LIFE BETTER] – We’ve designed the most intelligent secret spy camera on the market. With the latest motion detection technology, loop recording, WIFI streaming, this little guy can fool anyone since it looks and functions exactly like a normal USB wall charger. No tell-tale signs to give away the hidden cam. Now you can secretly record videos while charging your phone or tablet. Nobody will know!
  • ✅100% CONCEALED & EASY-TO-USE DESIGN – Unbox it, plug it aaaand…Action! Your high definition video spying is on. You can access this ultimate spy camera’s livestreaming straight from your smartphone by using the phone app. And if you worry about recording, don’t! You can store it right in your mobile’s app, too. No unplugging, inserting or pulling any SD card (which, BTW, is optional). The perfect spy!
  • ✅LIVE REMOTE VIEW, CONTROL & ALERTS FOR YOUR PEACE OF MIND – This undetectable invisible spy camera captures hours of recording that you can access live from any device or review later on your desktop or portable devices. Painless set up via Wi-Fi. The smart video motion sensor technology sends instant app notifications whenever it detects suspicious activities. You can also receive live alerts by email.
  • ✅TWO-YEARS HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY – Yes, at WEMLB, we promise you two years of phenomenal full HD1080p video surveillance quality. Hassle free & 100% satisfaction guarantee. Every micro WEMLB nanny cam recorder comes with excellent customer service. Get one for you, one for your momma, BFF or paranoid colleague at work who constantly worries about the new nanny. Make your & their life better!

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Whenever you leave for work, you can't help but have worrying questions pop in your head, such as, "Is the babysitter being good to my child?", "Are my dogs chewing on my brand-new couch?", or "Is someone entering my room without my knowledge?" Using a conventional security camera is not the best option, especially if you are looking for a discreet way of watching over your home.



Get this premier personal spy camera to monitor your home, check up on nannies, children, pets, or caregivers, and protect your home or family.

The Hidden Camera Wall Charger by WEMLB solves all your surveillance dilemmas.

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The problem with typical security cameras is that they are exposed in plain view. All an intruder needs to do is avoid the cam's line of sight to avoid being caught on video. Our surveillance camera is housed in a fully functional wall USB charger, recording quietly in the background without drawing any unwanted attention. Plug it in an electrical socket, adjust its viewing angle, and enjoy 24/7 discreet video surveillance.


Some wireless cameras may be portable and compact, but they usually rely on rechargeable batteries. Once those are out of stored power, the devices power off and become useless. Our security camera plugs directly into an electrical outlet, having all the power it will ever need, letting you enjoy round-the-clock video surveillance without you having to worry about recharging or replacing any battery.


As much as you want to be with your loved ones at home all the time, you need to regularly head out to go to work and run errands. Our wireless camera will act as your eyes at home, recording everything that takes place while you are out and about. Find out what your cleaning lady is up to, discover who among your pet dogs keeps chewing on the furniture, or keep a close eye on elderly loved ones to make sure they are safe and comfortable while you are away.

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Unlike conventional CCTV cameras that require complicated wiring and network connection setups, our wireless cam just needs an electrical outlet to start recording. It connects readily to your home's WiFi, recording live videos that you can access anywhere from your smartphone. If you don't have a WiFi connection readily available, just insert a microSD card (up to 128GB) for the camera to store its footage.


With ordinary security cameras, watching grainy and blurry videos can be a common issue. These cause even more frustration as you try to solve a burglary or gather evidence against misbehaving employees. Our camera is designed to record up to 1080p HD quality videos, allowing you to enjoy highly detailed images. You have the option to reduce the video quality to maximize your storage space.


Always be updated on any suspicious movement in your home. Our USB charger security camera uses advanced motion detection technology. It automatically sends you real-time app alerts if movement gets detected in your house. You may also adjust the sensitivity of its motion detection sensor to suit your preferences. Our security camera complies with USA surveillance laws, which is why it does not record any audio.


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