About WEMLB Store

We believe that people weren’t meant to be in fears while being at work or business or on vacation by getting worried about their home security, their loved one, kids, mon, and dad or even their pets.

WEMLB® is for anyone out there who deeply believe that fears should not drive our life when are away from home either at work, being out for business or for having a great vacation. 

What does WEMLB Stands For?

WEMLB stands for We Make Live Better. Leveraging the internet and smartphone technologies that allow people to have access to remote resources, we have put a lot of focus on developing quality surveillance and hidden spy camera that takes advantage of these technologies and allows people to stay in complete control of their home, keep an eye on beloved one.  We are a limited liability company specialized in home surveillance and personal security. What we do is a collection of products we've renovated with passion. WEMLB is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service.

Our Core Culture & Core Value.

At WEMLB, there is only one thing we care most: CUSTOMER! We are always seeking the best Hidden Security Camera products for you. Our mission is to mission is to make your daily life better by providing user-friendly products for you.

Georgina Jia

Chief executive Officer