Protecting your house and business from rivals or even petty thieves can give you restless nights. What if they did something to damage the assets that you have taken years to gather? Why take a chance! Get mini spy cameras with audios or USB hidden camera to ensure that nothing is going wrong when you are not home.

Among covert cameras, one of the most popular is charger cameras. Available at various price range, they boast of a variety of features that ensure you get the quickest and the best report. Some of these features include:

  • Wifi connection
  • Motion detection
  • Remote app control
  • 180 degree rotating lens

Installation of hidden cameras

Installation of hidden cameras is very easy and can be done without any issues. It must be mentioned here that installation depends on the type of camera that is being used. Irrespective of the type of camera, video can be sent via a cellular network or Wifi network.

In order to use the one which uses cellular network, a camera SIM module has to be installed in the SIM card. It must be mentioned here that any SIM card from any carrier can be used here. This transmission type requires GSM coverage. Secondly, if you need to send videos with WiFi network, a camera to the network has to be connected.

How long can they work?

Both the types of cameras can be powered from external power source and can work for an unlimited period of time. It must, however, be ensured that a camera with built-in battery functions differently; so, it must be installed differently. It must also be ensured that if the camera needs an external power of energy, it should be installed in a lamp or a charger to get that external support. Before deciding on the position of the camera, ensure which area you want to focus; because, some cameras have built-in microphone with a range of fewer meters.

Advantages of using the Spy camera

It can store hours of recording that can be accessed live from any of the devices or reviewed later on your desktop or portable devices and turn the lens from your phone. The set up is painless via Wi-Fi. Some of the cameras also have smart motion sensor, which send instant notification if it detects some suspicious movement. One can also receive alerts via E-mail.